Some of the potential signs of termites and white ants are small mud tubes, insect wings, sagging floors and sagging doors, crumbling drywall and tiny holes in wood. Conditions that invite termites are still there even if you do not notice any of the above mentioned signs 白蟻公司價錢. In order to ensure that your home is, and continues to remain termite free, you can seek professional assistance. You can get a licensed pest professional to visit your home on a regular basis. Thus you can ensure that your home remains free from the damage that they can cause.

The pest professionals are trained in termite behavior and biology. Thus with this termite information they are able to identify and prevent termite problems and treat them accordingly. These qualified pest professionals will inspect your home thoroughly in order to determine how the termites are gaining access to your home. Thus accordingly they will share tips on how you can prevent them from getting into your house. They will also suggest you to change conditions which are potentially inviting the termites to your house.

There is a time of the year when every one looks forward to you. It is the warm season of the year. When you are planning to spend more time outside your house next to the beaches, and this is the time the termites make their way into your house. So before they arrive with all the unwanted trouble, it would be great if you could gather more termite information in order to resolve the issue in time.

The termites usually live in colonies. The termites and white ants feed on the cellulose found in the wood. No doubt like every other living being even the termite plays their important role in nature. But they play a beneficial role as long as they are within the natural boundary. But once they move into your house they can cause havoc and irreparable damage to it.

It is very important to initiate actions for termite prevention as it can cause significant damage to your house both structurally and financially. So if at any point in time you find that termites have entered your house you should take immediate action for termite control. There are three important steps for effective termite prevention and elimination. They are:

Identification of the Termites: To begin with you need to identify the termites that have entered and infected your house. Thus you will need to gather all the termite information to achieve effective result. In the residential areas the most common form of termite infection is caused by the subterranean termites. Apart from the subterranean termites, even the damp wood termites and the dry wood termites cause major infestation and damage to your home and property.

Barrier Treatments: It is one of the cheapest ways of termite elimination. It includes applying the barrier products like termidor. Though termidors are very effective it does not kill the termites immediately. How it works is, first the termites who enter the termidor treated area receive the lethal dose of the fripnoil, the active ingredient in termidor. This lethal dose is then passed over to other termites that they come in contact with and then slowly and gradually they die. It works like a moat that helps to protect your house from termite infection.

Bait Stations: In this case the bait stations are spread all around the perimeter of your house. As the termites are attracted to wood, these baits have a wooden base. When the termites come attracted to the bait stations because of the wooden base, it is then replaced with baits which are poison laced. Thus the termites feed on these poisonous baits and also carry the food back to their colony. Thus it helps to eliminate the entire colony.


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